Stages Cycling to launch new StageONE power meter

16-Sep-2012 The StageONE power meter lowers the opening price of training with crank-­based power to just $699

17 September, Las Vegas, NV — Stages Cycling will launch a new, patent-­‐
pending, power meter called StageONE on Wednesday 19 September, the 
opening day of the 2012 Interbike tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV.  
The StageONE power meter will be on display for the first time at Interbike at booth 23151 in the 
show’s main hall on Wednesday, 19 September. StageONE will be available for retail sale January 
The new crank-­‐based StageONE power meter aims to bring power based 
training to all riders by way of better compatibility with existing cranks, and 
an impressively low price. 
The new StageONE power meter is sold factory assembled — by Stages 
Cycling, in Boulder, CO — to 14 different aluminum crank models from 
Cannondale, Shimano, and SRAM. The new StageONE power meter starts at 
just $699, which adds a paltry 20g to the base model crank arm. All of 
Stages Cycling’s power meter models cost less than US$950. 
“Power is no longer just for serious racers on road bikes,” said Pat Warner, 
Senior vice president at Stages Cycling. “Power training is now a possibility for all levels of 
cyclists and all styles of bikes at a price that everyone can afford.  
“I believe that the StageONE power meter’s features and price will change 
the power category, and I’m looking forward to all of these riders achieving 
massive performance improvements because of our power meter.” 

Along with the low cost and weight of Stages Cycling’s StageONE power 
meter, it comes ready for use on road, triathlon, cyclo-­‐cross, mountain 
bike, downhill and BMX bikes by way of the base crank offerings from 
Cannondale, Shimano, and SRAM. 
Stages Cycling takes this simple concept and infuses it with patent-­‐pending 
technology. The StageONE power meter comes ready to transmit to any 
ANT+ enabled device, and also uses a Bluetooth Smart radio, which further 
increases its compatibility to mobile devices equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 
— including iPhone 4S and select android devices. Bluetooth also serves to 
‘future proof’ StageONE by allowing over-­‐the-­‐air firmware updates to the 
device’s hardware.  
In addition to the advanced transmission protocols, the StageONE power 
meter uses multiple sensors, including an accelerometer to derive a rider’s 
cadence, thus collecting the data without need for a frame-­‐mounted 
magnet or any additional outside brackets or sensors.  
Installing a new StageONE power meter is as simple as replacing your bike’s 
left crank arm. Furthermore, the only maintenance pertains to replacing 
the unit’s battery — rated at 200+hrs of usage — which is a simple tool free 
process and takes all of five seconds. StageONE runs off a standard CR2032 
watch battery, which can be found at any number of convenience stores, 
including grocery stores and even gas stations. 
Stages Cycling’s StageONE power meter truly brings power training to the 
people, by offering riders a consistent measure of power output that riders 
can then base training and gauge improvement from. The StageONE power meter does all of this for a 
reasonable cost, with simple installation, upkeep, and without compromising the manufacturers 
intended performance of your bike’s drivetrain.

Press Release PDF :: StagesCycling_Launch_PressRelease_Final.pdf


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