Crank compatibility

The Stages Power meter is compatible with Shimano Hollowtech II crank arms for both road and mountain bikes. Stages Cycling supports an array of SRAM cranks, though we only build on the Rival and X9 GXP and BB30 cranks. Those Rival and X9 cranks can be retrofit to a large number of other SRAM right crank arms, including: Rival, Force, and Red for the road; as well as X7, X9, X0, and (166mm width only) XX and XX1 mountain cranks.

Bike/frame compatibility

The Stages Power meter mounts to the backside of the left crank arm we must have enough clearance between the backside of the crank and the frame to mount the meter. Our first baseline test is to measure 152.4mm from the end of the crank arm, and make a mark. Remeasure to from the same end (pedal) end of the crank arm 63.5mm and make a mark. With these two reference points turn your crank so that it’s parallel and in front of your non-drive chainstay. In this orientation place a 10mm Allen key behind your crank between the two marks. If the Allen key fits, then our Stages Power meter will fit your frame. If the Allen key does NOT fit, please contact us for further instructions, as a Stages Power meter may still fit your bike.